New Lineage 2 private servers

The Return of the King

by Project Essence

Experience the largest and most anticipated launch of the year, this winter!

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The game
Unique features
  • Enhanced EXP Rates Enhanced EXP Rates
  • Modern Epic Bosses Modern Epic Bosses
  • In-game Shop for  Balance In-game Shop for Balance
  • Free Clan DKP System Free Clan DKP System
  • The Warzone The Warzone
  • Monthly GvG Event Monthly GvG Event
We have designed the 'Enhanced Rates' to improve overall gameplay and player experiences. Enhanced Exp is determined through a dynamic exp system. The exp system is designed to maintain good balances between the server's average levels and focused on the main PvP aspects of the game.
Immerse into the vast world of Project Warthrone experiences newly revamped Epic Raids that caters towards both EU/SA Timezones. Be prepared to play with proper mechanics and expect promising rewards!
We have designed an all new in-game auction to help you shop and list equipments with ease. The Auction House allows you to sell with "USD Currencies", making F2P completely viable.
Project Warthrone offers a free feature that allows both PVP & PVE clans to distribute raid boss rewards fairly amongst the clan. The system allows you to purchase loots from raid bosses by spending DKP points earned from participating raid bosses.
Popular hunting zones will be chosen by the war spirits and will be turned into the "warzone". Compete against Warzone Guardians, and defend your spots to fight for massive rewards and experiences.
Guild Vs Guild Events will be coordinated on a monthly basis. Participating guilds will be awarded with money and many rewards!
Features Highlight
Our Lore
Project History
  • Chapter I: The Origin Chapter 1: The Origin

    Young Dranakis was sent here on a mission, a mission that is intimately linked to your futures, all while you’ve remained woefully unaware. It is that of a mission that will rule the Warthrone. The Warthrone was once a peaceful land, those who lived within it were the origins of Young Drakanis. However, the lands were stolen by the threat that lurks within the world. Young Drakanis sought to reclaim the lands but will require the assistance from many.

    Drakanis invites you all to join him and fight alongside to reclaim the lands of Warthrone.

  • Chapter II: The Mission Chapter 2: The Mission

    Our mission is to enlist your assistance in facing this threat together because in a sense, you were our creators. Yes you were the creators of Warthrone. Warthrone was once a land lived by the vast population of adventurers. It is you who have made Warthrone once a harmonized and peaceful land. Drakanis is on a mission and the mission is to bring all thats been seperated back.. and unified.

    It is our sincere hope that you will join us as our futures are inextricably linked, it will be the dawn of a new era.

  • Chapter III: The Return of the King Chapter 3: The Return of the King

    Our mission has led us to the step foot in the final battle at the Warthrone. Drakanis and his many followers are now unified. What will happen in this final countdown. Let's find out by joining us at Project Warthrone

    The tale will be passed down in every century. Let's build our legacy together. Welcome to Warthrone!

  • Crusader Content 1

    Improved Game UI

    Enjoy the new improved game graphics and exclusive mechanics from the new Crusader version, and your game more beautiful than ever with auto-systems that will turn your gameplay even more comfortable.

  • Watch the video Crusader Content 2

    Immortal Bosses

    Baium has become a perfect version of himself — an Immortal Baium. Despite his formidable nickname, the boss can still be defeated! In the canyon near Goddard the Gorde Knight awaits, possessing an Immortal form as well.

  • Crusader Content 3

    Underground Labyrinth

    Player killers, prepare for the consequences! Those who violate the rules will now be transported to the Underground Labyrinth. It is impossible to escape this gloomy place until you collect Marks of Repentance from local monsters.

  • Watch the video Crusader Content 4

    Tower of Insolence

    Tower of Insolence has been changed into a dimensional zone and welcomes everyone above level 80. Successful hunters can acquire Cloaks of Protection here.

  • Watch the video Crusader Content 5

    Garden of Eva

    Explore a new dimensional location at the level 76 — Gardens of Eva, the goddess who gave birth to the race of elves. Save the gardens from monsters and obtain Eva's talismans that will strengthen your characteristics.

  • Watch the video Crusader Content 6

    Hierophant, the new King

    For many years the Hierophant was offering his allies a helping hand, becoming one of the best support heroes. It is high time to come out of the shadows and prove himself in a battle. Long live the king of the battlefield!

  • Crusader Content 1 01 Improved Game UI
  • Crusader Content 2 02 Immortal Bosses
  • Crusader Content 3 03 Underground Labyrinth
  • Crusader Content 4 04 Tower of Insolence
  • Crusader Content 5 05 Garden of Eva
  • Crusader Content 6 06 Hierophant, the new King


What's planned

Dive deep in what we have planned throughout our launch!

The Return of The King

We are the originators of the brand. Project Essence is now taking the experiences of the past and combining with the modern approach to create longevity and a long lasting community.


Community Comes First : We are dedicated to learn and understand the needs of the community. We believe we have launched the best of the best, however the successes of Project Essence is truly .. the community itself.


Project Essence has always been pushing quality work. We have learned from the past what the community wants and will only produce quality work in response to the community.


Project Essence has now rebranded to Project Warthrone. Our main objective is to launch with a purpose. The purpose to show everyone the new development and changes we have made on Project Warthrone.

  • Season 2 launch with the latest Crusader content and custom Warthrone features.

The Rush

The start is always where the real fun is. During this stage of the road map you will experience yourself in the early rush stages of Project Warthrone. This is where you will be exploring and unravelling character and progressions.

  • Warthrone exclusive dungeon instances and never before seen XP zones.


During this phase of the roadmap we are preparing for further engagements within the game. During this phase we will promote the additional features to enhance game play experiences making fun and eventful for the players.

  • New in game events including daily TvT to provide even more PvP content.


During this phase of the roadmap you will find yourself in the mature stages of your character growth and experiences. This stage of the server is where you will find the amazing end-game content of the crusader version of the game. However, we have added many end-game surprises that will enhance your experience in the later stages of your game play.

  • Server merge with Warthrone Season 1 and Season 2.


As we have always promoted ourselves, Project Warthrone will have a long-lasting community. During the end-game stages of the game is where the game really begins. You will start to experience where your strength lies with the hard efforts you have put within your gears. Now you get to experience the real gameplay. During the aftermath stages, you will prepare yourself for what we call the "new beginning".

  • Server updates to the latest content from Korean client.